Original Art


Since the natural environment is fundamental in my life, it is a common theme or backdrop in my art. Other subjects that show up include home, family and pets, urban and rural scenes, experiences & travel-related explorations, meaningful objects, and personal items. And sometimes an abstraction just begs to be revealed. 

Land & Nature Portraits

Home Portraits

People Pets Memorabilia

Commissioned Works

Art Prints and Photo/Digital Art


Maybe a piece of original art is not for you, or you like a certain piece but it's not the right size. I offer a variety of reproduction choices on different media and in a range of sizes to suit a variety of needs. From originals to digitally-based art and some of my favourite inspiration photographs, see how these reproductions look to-scale on a wall – from generic walls to your own – before you buy.



Perhaps you have something more personal or professionally-focused in mind. You may have an idea for that blank wall staring you down, or to brighten a space or make it more inviting or calming. Perhaps you want to celebrate and commemorate someone, something, or some place or event that has touched your life. Or you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift. I'd love to work with you to make just the right piece of art for your needs and desires.


I love your use of colour, light and shadow. For me the real ‘punch’ is how your works emotionally resonate, evoking echoed memories.
— Andy W.
Janet, you made this process so easy for us and we couldn’t be happier with this piece. I absolutely love how it has changed the feel of this space we use so much. It’s perfect.
— Judy L.