Life is varied and so is what inspires me. For me, it's like pulling my heart out of my chest and putting it into a painting.

Inspiration comes as I move through life. Anything that makes me look twice, or that triggers feelings of joy, awe, wonder, or delight. Sometimes it is simply the physical beauty that attracts me, often times it is a deeper and sentimental, soul-filling connection. 

I paint on-site and in-studio. Photography and painting go hand-in-hand for me. Sometimes the photograph is where I will stop; often I am compelled to paint the scene I have captured in-camera and developed further based on how I remember the experience.

Whether at home or travelling, the natural environment is fundamental in my life and therefore a common inspiration. Other subjects that show up include home, family and pets, urban and rural scenes, community, musicians/performances, travel-related explorations, and meaningful objects or personal items.

One thing all my works have in common is a view to our heritage—whether that is natural, cultural, or personal.

What speaks to your heart?